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2020 dues

Hello From the NorthEast Amateur Radio Club,

I would like to state that this is to remind our members of the
North East Amateur Radio Club that the 2020 Dues are up for renewal for
this upcoming year.

Those that have already paid please disregard this email.

You have the option to use for the 20.00 payment to:

Also please use the message portion when paying in PayPal and type in your CALLSIGN so
we know who the payment is from.

We also have a PAYPAL link for Dues on our website homepage

So, what do you get with your payment to the NorthEast Amateur Radio Club?

Our club offers some amenities such as:

Field Day:
Field day was a great success last year for 2019.

Everyone that attended had a great time and managed to crank out some good contacts during the

A big shout out to our NY crew for traveling all the way up to help out at the
2016 event, Thanks Guys for attending we know its a long haul for you!

Also for 2019,  KC2BUD and his lovely wife took that long trip to enjoy field day with us

We hope that you can attend the 2020 event.

Those that are not familiar with Field Day it is an event to where our
club members can get together and sharpen their radio operating skills on the
air under some extreme operating conditions and get points for it.
People also will be able to operate radios that you might not usually be
able to operate at home. We also do a great Barbecue that we have during the
event and it was wonderful this year with lots of variety.

We offer a club table in Dayton at the Hamvention to sell Members items.

Thank you Mark N8MAS and your lovely wife for your generous hospitality every year when we travel out to Dayton Ohio to Hamvention.

if you would like to attend. A club area up in New Hampshire at NEAR-fest
for you to to sell your items as well.


We have our Bi-annual Club Meetings in Deerfield NH at NEARfest.

Cookouts, get togethers
Where we come together to mingle and eat

Future Special events:
In August we will be operating in Truro Massachusetts for the
National Light house Day . Running a couple rigs out of an enclosed
trailer with a 40ft aluma-tower on it, setting up behind the Highland
light (formally known as Cape Cod light).

Thank you Jay W0JAY and Michelle WA1DDD for traveling all the way from Connecticut to help out with this event in 2019 and also field day.

Food when at the event can consist of subs pizza sandwiches from a local pizza /
bakery / ice cream place (Named Savory and Sweet Escape) down the road
RTE 6.

20.00 to our members for a full 12 month membership.

The things that were mentioned above are some of our things that our club
has expenses for so we think to carry on and grow as a great club and
to keep moving forward with events and such we need to charge dues to help
cover the costs of these things. We have had donations in the past and
we would like to thank our supporters for your generosity but with club
dues we will now be able to take the financial burden and spread it out to
all of our members and not just a few.

So we would like all of our members to enjoy what our small club has
with more to offer in our future with the proper dues in place.

Any questions you can email your Club President Russ at: or

Thanks and hope to see you as members of N1ERC for 2020

Thank you from the NorthEast Amateur Radio Club

73 Russ