Welcome to the NorthEast Amateur Radio Club


The NorthEast Amateur Radio Club has members from all over the north eastern part of the United States

 And as far west as Ohio!

Mornings some of our members will be on 7.209mhz 
Now that band conditions have improved we still will have Ragchews on 3.824-3854 MHZ plus or minus in the evenings



2023 ARRL Field Day

Hope to see our fellow members at the upcoming ham radio event on June 24th and the 25th. You can look up more information on the ARRL's website with the link below.


Nutmeg hamfest 2022

The Nutmeg hamfest I will be held Sunday, October 9th We are hoping to see some of our members attend as well

NearFest Fall 2022

Nearfest fall 2022 is almost upon us. This event will be held on October 14 and 15th. Hope to see some of our members there. 

73 and good dx

ARRL at the Big E

The Big E is coming up fast and the first day is Friday, September 16th.


AS of right now there are 12 clubs and around 110 people signed up to staff the ham radio booth. We are looking for a few more to help us lock down the schedule. Are you available on any of these dates and times?


Field Day 2022 Results

N1ERC's Contest Summary Report for ARRL-FIELD-DAY
 Created by N3FJP's ARRL Field Day Contest Log
 Version 6.6.3  www.n3fjp.com

 Total Contacts = 1,534
 Total Points = 2,434

 Operating Period: 2022/06/25 18:04 - 2022/06/26 18:00

 Total op time (breaks > 30 min deducted): 23:55:24
 Total op time (breaks > 60 min deducted): 23:55:24

 Avg Qs/Hr (breaks > 30 min deducted): 64.1

 Total Contacts by Band and Mode:

To those that had a theft Nearfest

Lose something at NEAR-Fest or Other Area Flea Market?   Maybe we can help you you can get it back!!!!!!



Field day 2022

The club will be in Scituate/Humarock for field day 2022 at the USAF Fourth Cliff military recreation area on June 24th 25th and the 26th. We hope to see many of our members and other operators as well 73 from N1ERC


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