Welcome to the NorthEast Amateur Radio Club


The NorthEast Amateur Radio Club has members from all over the north eastern part of the United States

 And as far west as Ohio!

Mornings some of our members will be on 7.209mhz 
Now that band conditions have improved we still will have Ragchews on 3.824-3854 MHZ plus or minus in the evenings



2024 field day location

As usual we will be having our field day at

the 4th cliff recreation area

The address is:

348 Central Ave, Humarock, MA 02050


2024 field day rules

Hope to see some of our members and other hams and folk at the upcoming field day

at the 4th cliff recreation area in situate.

Below are the Copied field day rules from the Arrl page:


ARRL Field Day 2024 Rules

A downloadable PDF version of the ARRL Field Day Rules is available here.

Revised 3/14/2024

Field Day 2024

Hope to see some of our members for Field Day 2024

 Field Day is June 22-23, 2024.

Here is the link to the ARRL Field Day Locator Map. 





Hamvention 2024

Was a great time seeing some of our members out in Ohio for Hamvention 2024

NEAR-fest spring 2024

Was a great time seeing some of our members up at the spring nearfest 2024 event.

Will upload pictures soon.

2023 ARRL Field Day

Hope to see our fellow members at the upcoming ham radio event on June 24th and the 25th. You can look up more information on the ARRL's website with the link below.


Nutmeg hamfest 2022

The Nutmeg hamfest I will be held Sunday, October 9th We are hoping to see some of our members attend as well


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