Welcome to the NorthEast Amateur Radio Club


The NorthEast Amateur Radio Club has members from all over the north eastern part of the United States

 And as far west as Ohio!

We used to have nightly Ragchews 7 days a week on 3.827 MHZ But we also go to 3.710 or 3.727 Mhz Plus

Due to poor band conditions on 75M sometimes we are down on 160m with an operating freq TBD between 1.865 to 1.940 MHz 


Upcoming radio event

Due to the COVID -19 there is no hanging out with our fellow hams up at NearFest this spring on May 2nd and 3rd but you can make some contacts at home with this radio event if you are into contesting.

To New England radio clubs:

I'd appreciate your help in publicizing the upcoming New England QSO Party on May 2nd and 3rd.    Please mention it at your next club meeting and in your newsletter.  Hope you've had good success in using virtual meetings!  

Hamvention 2020 canceled

To all of our members and friends, due to the covid-19 outbreak Hamvention has been canceled.

NEAR Fest spring 2020 canceled

To all of our members and friends, due to the covid-19 outbreak Near-fest has been canceled.

NEAR Fest 2020 Spring

Hope all can join us for the largest Ham radio flea market in the Northeast!! 

We hope to see our members up at NEAR-Fest XXVII  May 1 & 2, 2020  Deerfield, N.H.

Heres a link to the upcoming events website.


Happy Holidays from the NorthEast Amateur Radio Club!

Heres wishing great signal reports to all in 2020!

2020 dues

Hello From the NorthEast Amateur Radio Club,

I would like to state that this is to remind our members of the
North East Amateur Radio Club that the 2020 Dues are up for renewal for
this upcoming year.

Those that have already paid please disregard this email.

You have the option to use www.paypal.com for the 20.00 payment to:


2020 paid members

Here is a list of our paid members of 2020
Dale N2NDY
Michelle WA1DDD
Rob K1UI
David N1DRS
Russ K1RTA
Mark N8MAS
Pete K2HF
Bill N2KNL
Barry KB1TLR
Henry K1WCC
Andrea K2EZ
Cindy W1CIN
Doug N1DZS
Mark N1ZPO
Jerry WG1M


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