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To those that had a theft Nearfest

Lose something at NEAR-Fest or Other Area Flea Market?   Maybe we can help you you can get it back!!!!!!



If you had something  stolen from your table at a flea market or hamfest in NH or eastern Mass. within the past several years please contact Officer John Delaney of the Deerfield Police Department as soon as possible.  His contact information is  or telephone (603) 463-7258 and leave a message for him.   Be prepared to provide Off. Delaney with a detailed description, giving make, model, serial number, photograph, band(s) covered, what was programmed it to it, etc.  


This information is needed by the Deerfield Police for an ongoing investigation into thefts of equipment that have occurred at NEAR-Fest and other local area events over the past several years.  Five stolen radios have already been recovered and there may be more……


Please copy Paul W1PRA ( and MrMike, W1RC ( on all correspondence with Officer Delaney.  


Thank you for your cooperation.




Paul DePetrillo, W1PRA,

NEAR-Fest Sergeant-at-Arms,


Mister Mike, W1RC,

Benevolent Dictator,