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ARRL at the Big E

The Big E is coming up fast and the first day is Friday, September 16th.


AS of right now there are 12 clubs and around 110 people signed up to staff the ham radio booth. We are looking for a few more to help us lock down the schedule. Are you available on any of these dates and times?


Each day is broken into two sessions. The first runs 9:30 am through 4 :00 pm and the second runs 3:30 pm through 10:00 pm. The overlap is to help the new arrivals for the 2nd session learn what had been working during the first session so they could continue. The sessions are named Session 1 and Session 2.


Here is where we need volunteers as of right now:

  • Monday, Sept 19, session 1 - need 2 people
  • Monday, Sept 19, session 2 - need 3 people
  • Tuesday, Sept 20, session 2 - need 3 people
  • Sunday, Sept 25, session 2 - need 3 people
  • Tuesday, Sept 27, session 2 - need 4 people
  • Friday, Sept 30, session 2 - need 3 people
  • Saturday, Oct 1, session 1 - needs 1 person
  • Sunday, Oct 2 (Final Day), session 1 - needs 2 people
  • Sunday, Oct 2 (Final session), session 2 - needs 2 people 

Are you available to help? If yes, please volunteer or add a session to what you have already volunteered for.


As a reminder, everyone that volunteers gets their Big E fairgrounds parking reimbursed and their admission reimbursed (or free tickets provided to them). 


Sign up here:


Learn more here:


I hope you are available to help us lock in these last few days of the schedule for the ham radio booth.


Thank you and 73,