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International Marconi Day


International Marconi Day is upon us!


Sat Apr 25, 2015



 Two operations on Cape Cod,


1) Operating from the Coast Guard Beach Eastham, MA 02642

    KM1CC will be the callsign


The Eastham event coordinator is:

Barbara Dougan, N1NS,

KM1CC trustee


2) Operating from Chatham there will be:


CMMC Marconi RCA Wireless

Museum, 847 Orleans Road, North

Chatham, MA 02650


Marconi Maritime Center's stations WA1WCC

(representing the WCC Amateur Radio Association)

and W1HNJ (representing the Hospital Ship

HOPE/WHNJ) will participate.


Properly licensed

amateur radio operators are invited to contact

CMMC to learn more about WA1WCC 

please call: 508 945 8889


The Chatham event coordinator is Ed Moxon,

Whose contact e-mail is:



International Marconi Day celebrates the huge part

Guglielmo Marconi played in the invention of radio.

People had been trying for years to establish

wireless telegraphy, but Marconi persevered to make

it marketable and successful. The radio operators on

board the RMS Titanic were employed by Marconi -

and using his equipment they were able to alert the

Carpathia, the ship which rescued around 700

survivors. The purpose of this day is for amateur

radio enthusiasts around the world to make contact

with historic Marconi wireless station sites using

communication techniques similar to those used by

Marconi himself. For more background, see http:

// .

International Marconi Day (IMD) is a 24-hour

amateur radio event that is held annually to

celebrate the birth of Marconi on 25 April 1874. This

year IMD will celebrate its 28th year.


Hope to make a contact with you over the air!!!