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Thank you to all that attended and helped out with the setup and tear down. Also thank you to the people that helped fix things as we were operating to keep us going. Northeast Amateur Radio Club Field Day 2016 was great! We were in Scituate, MA at Humarock Point on the Atlantic Ocean. The weather was excellent. Consistent easterly ocean breeze. We made 1,481 contacts, 187 on CW. Class 3A section EMA. We had 14 visitors and a few were hams that operated. Band conditions were mostly good . 20 meters was good except early Sunday morning. The only opening was Puerto Rico then got much better after sunrise. 40 and 80 meters were solid. Both ba...nds went long at night to California and the western US. Contacts to W6SF in San Francisco section on 40m around 4 am.W6SF was on all night and must have made hundreds of contacts. SF section was a toughie to get. 6 meters opened to North Florida, GA, SC and NC at 10 am Sunday. Local activity on 6 was great with ground wave stations as far away as ENY, CT and Long Island. Having the 6 meter yagi up 50 feet on the tower helped. We made 30 contacts on 15 meters but the MUF was poor above 20 meters. We did not make contact with Alaska, Hawaii, Northwest Territories or British Columbia this time. If 20 would have gone long skip and 15 and 10 were better we probably would have contacted all sections. All in all is was a great time. Members as far away as Long Island came with their motor homes. Thank you to all that came to spend time and helping out for the weekend.